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Forex Trading is trading foreign currency exchange rates on international money markets . The forex market is the largest financial market in the world , bigger than Stocks , Options , Futures ....

The purpose of this website is to help to the Capital Market Traders worldwide .

Here we will give an explanation about how to register trade , ways and means to learn the technical verification and other things that can not be described in the LIVE SUPPORT , because if you ask about technical or Analysa in LIVE SUPPORT , then you will only be given links and told to read in GEOGLE or the other . So This website is a private website belongs to one of the SUPPORT dibroker well respected forex .

We also apologize if our website is only a simple , but the simplicity of this website may be able to help you are still new to the world or FOREX CAPITAL MARKETS .


Frequently Asked Questions New Clients
Q : Is it true that we can trade with one dollar in AGEA ?
A : AGEA trading platform allows you to specify any quantity you want to tradingkan on your order form ,
 including 10000 ( mini lot ) or 100000 ( standard lot ) . If you enter a quantity of 1 , then the margin required is 1 penny ,
100 quantity = 1 dollar , 500 quantity = 5 dollars , 1500 quantity = 15 dollars ( 1 % margin requirement ) . There are no restrictions in the determination of the lot , you can enter the quantity value with any number : 1 , 5 , 457 , 7864 , 10000 , 100000 and whatever quantity you want. : - )

Q : Is it true that if you want to trade in AGEA do not need to make a deposit in advance ?
A : Right! To be able to start trading , you need to open an account with us ( free ) and download the program trading application ( Streamster ) . To open your account , please visit and to download Streamster please visit : - )
Q : I 've a list of ya in AGEA , how can initiate a transaction ?
A : Streamster is a program that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer in order to use our service . Once you have downloaded from you need to install the program on your computer and run it to access our service .
The easiest way to get started is to click on the trading market instruments in the window price . When the dialog [ Send Order ] appears , you can set the column [ Quantity ] to 1 or more ( depending on the amount you have on the trading desk ) . When you click the <OK> button , the order will enter the market . You can find a collection of articles and a wide variety of reading materials to help you understand the basics of trading in

Your objective in trading is to buy at a low price and then sell at a higher price . For example you can buy a market instrument ( 10000 quantity ) at 1.2349 price and then sell at 1.2458 . You will generate a profit of 109 ( in the currency in question ) .
We strongly encourage you to practice with virtual money , at least for a couple of weeks before you start trading live trading desks . Each client earn virtual cash $ 10,000 when opening an account and virtual money can be used for practice . There are no restrictions on how long the client may use a virtual currency trading course

Q : He said when I made ​​my AGEA account given rewards $ 5 ( real money ) and $ 10,000 ( virtual money ) , where I can see it ?
A : The funds already in your account portfolio . Window [ Portfolio ] showing the position of market instruments and funds you have to live and virtual trading desk . Please see for detailed information .
Q : How I take money from my AGEA account ?
A : To make a withdrawal request , you need to verify the account ( only once ) by uploading a document of identification . If the account has been verified ( the system will notify upload identification page ) , you need to transfer funds to Default Desk via